HJ X-Tronic

Why choose HJ X-tronic

HJ X-tronic is an electronic regulation unit, which can be retrofitted on existing mecahnical lubricators, and thus make it possible to, e.g have load dependen cylinder lubrication. This provides advantages in the form of automatic regulation of cylinder oil consumption, improved cylinder conditions, as well as obviously electronic flexibility in the control. Finally, HJ X-tronic is a very simple retrofit installation, which is very appropriate for slow steaming.


Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has, based on the well known Hans Jensen mechanical cylinder lubrication systems and the increasing demands on the market for flexibility and possibility of electronic control, chosen to work with an electronic regulation, which steplessly adjusts the cylinder lube oil quantity supplied to the cylinder.


HJ X-tronic can be specified as a retrofit solution on existing HJ Mechanical Cylinder Lubricators.
The module mounted, is based on a mechanical actuator which is controlled electronically and makes it possible to regualte the optimal lube oil quantity for each lubricator. 

Optional Features

HJ X-Tronic is delivered as a complete system with the option for customers to add features based on their needs. Optional features include:
  • Automatic regulation according to sulphur in Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Individual alarm setup
  • Total flowmeter with software integration


The electronic control unit in HJ X-Tronic makes it possible to control the cylinder lube oil quantity at each piston stroke.The regulation permits the application of known algorithms such as MEP and BHP regulation, but the customer can also define his own algorithms.
This makes it possible to obtain better operation conditions for the cylinder, and savings in the cylinder lube oil consumption, especially on engines operating in the part load area.
The system can furthermore be combined with HJ SIP Lubrication to obtain further savings.You are welcome to contact us for further information on HJ X-Tronic.
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HJ X-tronic offers the implementation of electronic regulation of the cylinder lube oil on HJ Mechanical Cylinder Lubricators. 
The system is controlled for the entire engine or for each individual lubricator according to well known or customer defined regulation algorithms. This gives an increased flexibility with the possibility of optimising the cylinder lubrication and reducing the cylinder lube oil consumption.
This makes it possible to achieve better operating conditions and savings in cylinder lube oil consumption, especially on engines that slow steam. 

System description

The module is mounted on the existing HJ Mechanical pump block.
Installation is simple and can be retrofitted on exsisting HJ Mechanical lubricators.
The module consists of a mechanical actuator that adjusts the stroke length of each lubrication unit. Thus, the lube oil amount is adjust across a single lubricator. 
The actuator is controlled by an electronic unit, which the owner operates via a computer. 
The electronic unit makes all the necessary calculations depending on load.
The control units make calculations of all operations. The calculations are made based on signals which the control unit receives from a series of units mounted on the engine, in order to, among other things, detect the engine rpm, actual output and similar.

Design of module

The mechanical actuator is mounted on the side of the existing HJ Mechanical lubricator pump block. 
The actuator works by adjusting the lube oil amount across a single lubricator.