HJ Lubtronic 2.0

Why choose HJ Lubtronic 2.0

HJ Lubtronic 2.0  is an electronically controlled, hydraulicly driven cylinder lubricator. The lubricator has the highest flexibility regarding the needs of ship owners and technical managers. HJ Lubtronic 2.0 makes it possible to achieve low cylinder lube oil consumption and offeres and even simpler operation for the crew, while preventing the known obstacles like high cylinder liner wear and cold corrosion. 


The possibility of even greater improvments of our advanced products reflects our innovativly driven approach to the modern problems ship owners and technical managers face. 
HJ Lubtronic 2.0 is therefore a very good example of the combination of our ability to be innovative and apply new technology.
With HJ Lubtronic 2.0, we have further increased the flexibility and simplicty of the cylinder lubrication system.


The HJ Lubtronic 2.0 system is based on an electronically controlled cylinder lubricator at each cylinder.
Each cylinder lubricator is operated electronically by a local controller, which receives information  about  synchronizing the system with engine flywheel  rotation and  to use engine load information as a control parameter for the system.
This enables the user to control each individual cylinder lubricator.
We have right from the start focused on developing an electronically based cylinder lubrication system, which is just as reliable as our mechanical cylinder lubrications systems.

Optional Features

HJ Lubtronic 2.0 is delivered as a complete system with the option for customers to add features based on their needs. Optional features include:
  • Automatic regulation according to sulphur in Fuel Oil.
  • Individual alarm setup.
  • Total flowmeter with software integration.


Flexibillity, with basis in the delivery of fresh lube oil with each engine stroke, has been highly prioritized. 
HJ Lubtronic 2.0 operates with two predetermined, but different stroke lengths, which are activly switched between, depending on the cylinder lube oil needed, the engine load as well as timing. 
The two predetermined stroke lenghts are dimensioned from the engine and operating load. 
The regulation can be defined according to known algorithms such as MEP and BHP, but the user can also define his own algorithms.
The various types of regulation offer the user the possibility of optimising the cylinder lubrication and obtain savings in the cylinder oil consumption.
Furthermore, the individual user has the possibility of adjusting the cylinder lubrication to his own philosophies or ideas.
You are welcome to contact us for further information on HJ Lubtronic 2.0.

Purpose of the system

The system is based on the fundamental principle to deliver fresh cylinder lube oil to the cylinder at each revolution of the engine under normal operating conditions.
The flexibility of the two predetermined stroke lengths support the possibility of fresh cylinder oil at every engine revolution. 
Through the electronic control unit it is possible to control the cylinder lube oil quantity for each piston stroke, either according to known algorithms such as MEP and BHP or according to algorithms defined by the customer. This makes it possible to optimise the operation conditions and reduce the cylinder lube oil consumption, especially on engines operating in the part load area.

System description

The system includes the a refined hydraulic cylinder lubricator. One unit is installed at each cylinder.The system is hydraulically driven by the oil supply unit. 
Each cylinder lubrication unit is controlled centrally and the control is based upon the signals received, from a censor placed on the flywheel which sends the information on the pistons position and the engines revoltion speed. 
Furthermore, it is possible to include information on the fuel consumption, to enable cylinder lubrication proportional to the engine’s output. This is done by means of a separate pick-up box connected to the fuel regulation shaft or a digital signal directly from the engine control.
A computer is applied as the central control unit, which makes it possible to survey and control the entire system at one time and continuously save operation data. The system can also be connected to the vessel’s engine survey panel, so that any error messages can be seen directly on this.


In the upper part of the lubricator, a total of 10 oil lube points can be made. 
Each lubepoint is supplies via separate dosing pistons the cylinder lube oil from the middle of the cylinder lubricator.
The dosing pistons are all connected to a distributor plate which is connected to the actuator/hydraulic pistons at the bottom of the cylinder lubricator, which are activated by the lube oil by means of a magnetic valve.
The stroke length on the cylinder lubricator is therefore definde by the two predetermined stroke lengths.


Redundance is built into all key functions of the HJ Lubtronic 2.0 system in order to meet the customers’ demands and our own standard of high reliability.
HJ Lubtronic 2.0 has to magnetic valves which activate the hydraulic pistons with the two predetermined stroke lengths. 
In case of faulty function of one of the solenoid valves, which is registered by an activity sensor, the system automatically switches to the other valve and an error message is sent to the control unit. 
The central control unit consists of two independent power and CPU circuits -  each fully able of controlling the lubricator and based on both sets of fly wheel pickup signals. In case of failure of the primay CPU, the back-up system automatically takes over. All signals are picked up by to individual censors and cables. 
All cylinder lube points are surveyed by safety valve, which gives an error signal in case an outlet is blocked.
You are welcome to contact us for further information on HJ Lubtronic 2.0.
The HJ Lubtronic 2.0 system includes, among other things,  a hydraulically driven  lubricator. This means that there is no wear in the lubricator, which is known from the conventional mechanical lubricators.
HJL recommends that the system is continously controlled for leakages, and that you perform an ongoing control of the system, to ensure that it functions as expected.
Overall, the HJ Lubtronic 2.0 system has no fixed maintenance intervals. However, there are components in the hydraulic system, which demands continous maintenance (like any hydraulic system). The system should only be serviced/separated by HJL authorised service engineers. 
For the hydraulic system it applies that the hydraulic station and the hydraulic accumulators are supervised and maintained, see the manual for further maintenance instructions.
For the electric system it applies that the control units are maintained according to the instruction described in the manual.
In general, it is recommended that HJL is contacted every 5 years, as a minimum, to discuss the need for service on the system.