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Press release: MecPartner to become an official agent of HJL’s advanced cylinder lubrication solutions

Hans Jensen Lubricators of Denmark and MecPartner of Turkey have agreed to cooperate in an agreement that makes MecPartner an official agent of HJL’s advanced cylinder lubrication solutions.

The strategic partnership was entered by Hans Jensen Lubricators’ Head of sales, Mr. Stefan Sletting Nielsen and MecPartner co-founder, Mustafa Karataş.

Stefan Sletting Nielsen, Head of sales at Hans Jensen Lubricators, remarks: “This agreement makes it possible for Hans Jensen Lubricators to expand our market reach in Turkey along with establishing good and long lasting partnerships to the ship owners in the region. It is furthermore an opportunity for the ship owners to get access to the most updated and advanced cylinder lubrication technology for both running fleets and newbuildings – we here at Hans Jensen lubricators are very much looking forward to this partnership.”

The agreement that was entered will cover the sale of HJL’s advanced cylinder lubrication systems like HJ Lubtronic SIP and the newly developed products like HJ X-Tronic. “We expect that our continuingly expanding product portfolio will cover the entire 2 stroke marine diesel market of the region and expect our products to serve our customers well” 

Hans Jensen Lubricators

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is the world's leading international supplier within the field of development, production, marketing and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke marine diesel engines for marine and power plant applications.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has more than 100 years of experience with innovative product development, creative solutions and efficient installation of our high-quality products for 2 stroke marine diesel engines.

Hans Jensen Lubricators is a family company and employs roughly 100 employees, but is undergoing a rapid development these years. The company is headquartered in Hadsund, Denmark and has in recent years opened offices and service stations in Shanghai, China and Singapore.


MECPARTNER Ltd. is based in Istanbul, established by marine engineers furnished with many years of operation and service experience; company is providing services & repair for medium and low speed diesel engines; supervision, inspection and performance evaluation is in our portfolio as well.

Thanks to the highly skilled and experienced team, MECPARTNER is able to deliver the required services and support, meet the expectations of their clients. Their workshop, located close to the shipyards, facilitates the equipment & tools required.

MECPARTNER aspires to be the most preferred service provider and solution partner to their clients globally as well as locally in the region.