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Press release: COSCO orders 10 new vessels with cylinder lubrication system from Hans Jensen Lubricators

One of the world’s biggest shipping companies, China COSCO Shipping Group, has placed an order for 10 large ore carriers from China State Shipbuilding Corporation. COSCO specified the order to include the cylinder lubrication system ‘HJ Lubtronic SIP’ from Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, as it enables large cost savings through reduced cylinder oil consumption, and reduced wear on cylinder liners and piston rings. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in January 2018.

– “When a Chinese state-owned shipping company place vessel orders at a state-owned shipyard, the engine maker at the shipyard is licenced to deliver its own cylinder lubrication system,” says Christian H. Jensen, Managing Director, Hans Jensen Lubricators Singapore Pte. Ltd.

“However, COSCO is willing to pay an extra cost for the HJ Lubtronic SIP cylinder lubrication system to gain benefits as reduced cylinder oil consumption, reduced wear on cylinder liners/piston rings, and reduced emission,” he adds.

Reduces lubrication oil consumption by 30-60 percent
Today’s energy efficient diesel engines for marine vessels are designed to reduce environmental footprints and fuel costs. However, the engines operate under different pressure and temperature conditions compared to older engines, and thus, corrode faster. This require new standards for cylinder lubrication to ensure lowest possible wear at the lowest possible oil consumption.

“Corrosion happens when the acid condensates on the liner surface. To reduce corrosion, it must be neutralised with cylinder oil. However, the standard lubrication system used by many engine makers, cannot deal with these challenges efficiently with their technology. Our technology, however, is designed to meet exactly these challenges and deal with them in the most effective way,” says Christian H. Jensen and continues:

“COSCO chose our HJ Lubtronic SIP system because it enables shipowners to reduce cylinder oil consumption by 30-60 percent without increasing wear of the cylinder liners nor piston rings – quite the contrary, as the wear rate with a HJ Lubtronic SIP system is often reduced even with a lower consumption of oil. This also reduces costs of replacing the liners and other components, and minimize interruptions of the vessel operation.”

Future-proofs engines on newbuilds and retrofits
The HJ Lubtronic SIP system combines the SIP oil injection technology for two-stroke marine diesel engines, with the HJ Lubtronic pump unit, for all kinds of cargo vessels with two-stroke marine engines.

“Developed in corporation with a Danish shipowner, the SIP technology requires less oil consumption while improving the condition of the cylinder with less wear on liners and piston rings. In addition, the HJ Lubtronic pump allows ship operators to add fresh cylinder oil in every engine revolution. This way, the cylinder oil consumption is adjusted to the engine’s different operating conditions,” Christian H. Jensen explains and adds:

“Accordingly, the combined technology of the HJ Lubtronic and the HJ SIP enable shipowners to future-proof diesel engines on newbuilds and retrofits no matter what future requirements the owners may be met with.”

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is exhibiting the HJ Lubtronic SIP cylinder lubrication system at Marintec China 2017. Meet us at hall N1, stand D61-7.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is the world’s leading international supplier within the field of development, production and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke marine diesel engines for marine and power plant applications.

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