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Over Lubrication of Two Stroke Engines and its Consequences

For many years there has been a prevailing perception that the more oil you use for cylinder lubrication, the better. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Our experience has shown that the main reasons for increased cylinder wear, broken piston rings and overall poor cylinder condition is over lubrication. It is therefore a problem which should be taken seriously.
Over lubrication of a two stroke engine can be very harmful for the cylinder condition and can lead to high cylinder liner and piston ring wear, and also breakage of the piston rings or they get stuck.
Many crew members are under the impression that the larger amount of oil they use for cylinder lubrication, the better. They often try to solve a problem by increasing feed rate. However, this is far from true.
Excess of cylinder oil and thereby also excess of additives will, as only part of the additives are used for neutralization of the sulfuric acid formed during the combustion, burn off and form a layer of residues on the piston top land to an extent that the residues will touch the cylinder liner and consequently wipe off the cylinder oil from the cylinder liner running surface.
Correct dosage of cylinder oil is a very important part of optimizing consumption and cylinder condition.
Always be aware of the sulphur content in the fuel oil in use, and adjust the cylinder oil feed rate accordingly.
Especially when low sulphur fuels are taken into use, frequent port inspections are recommended. 
For recommendations about feed rate, for instance according to sulphur contents in fuel oil, we refer to our service letter about this isssue for relevant recommendations.  
The building up of a dangerous layer of residues can under special circumstances happen within 24 to 48 running hours, after which wear is accelerated.
The Hans Jensen SIP lubrication systems are, due to the injection timing, more sensitive to over lubrication than other systems, wherefore it is of very high importance to adjust the feed rates to the recommended limits given in the graphs for breaking in, running in and during normal service. 
Due to the importance of applying correct feed rates, Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S offers product training at our facilities in Denmark, giving our customers the possibility of learning to avoid over lubrication, as well as the optimal way of utilizing the advantages of Hans Jensen Lubricators’ products.
Read more about product training here: Product Training at Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S
With the use of recommended feed rates, HJ SIP cylinder lubrication provides a superior lubrication solution, with optimized cylinder conditions as a result.
However, it is also important that the person/persons using the equipment is in possession of the necessary knowledge to be able to fully take advantage of the potential.
This is what our product training offers. You are more than welcome to contact us for further information, or to arrange product training for you.