Hans Jensen Lubricators China - New Sales Manager in Office

Hans Jensen Lubricators China - New Sales Manager in Office

It is with pleasure that we introduce our new Sales Manager, Mr. Vince Minmin He.

Mr. Vince Minmin He joined us on December 1st 2019 and is responsible for our future Sales activities in China. Mr. Vince Minmin He holds an engineering degree in Ship Design. Prior to joining Hans Jensen Lubricators, he worked as a Sales Manager supplying marine products to the maritime industry.

Mr. Vince Minmin He is 35 years old and lives in Shanghai with his wife and daughter. Mr. Vince Minmin He is technically skilled and interested as well as dedicated person. He will be ready to serve our valued customers, with our first-class products, and understanding of customers’ demands.

Contact details of Mr. Vince Minmin He:

Office: (021)6071 6720
Mobile: 177 0182 7155/183 0177 9623
Wechat: titimine

Contact details of Mr. Christian Hans Jensen:

Office: +65 6274 1911
Mobile: +65 9667 9560
Wechat: HJL_Christian

Should you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.