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11 vessels retrofitted by Hans Jensen Lubricators in order to meet 2020-lubrication challenges

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Hadsund, Denmark, the 08/10-2019

11 vessels retrofitted by Hans Jensen Lubricators in order to meet 2020-lubrication challenges

Hans Jensen Lubricators, the designers of the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective cylinder lubrication technology and ELCKO Marine as agents, has signed a contract to supply and install HJ Mechtronic + HJ SIP on 11 vessels under management of Sea Traders S.A in Greece.

The first installation was supplied March 2019 and the last installation will happen April 2020.

The 11 vessels, built from 2008 to 2012, are Capesize, Kamsarmax, Supramax and equipped with MAN B&W MC type–S series engines.

The agreed retrofits will provide an automatic load dependent regulated lubrication, potentially providing a savings potential of 30-60% of the present lube oil consumption.

The HJ Mechtronic and HJ SIP technology works by ensuring lubrication at every engine revolution, even under load regulation and by injecting cylinder oil as a high-pressure spray in an upwards pattern, utilizing the scavenge air swirl to spread a uniform oil film on a large area of the cylinder liner surface. This oil is placed where the wear is the highest, in the upper part of the cylinder liner, providing better lubrication after 2020.

More information on the system can be found here: http://360.hjlubri.dk/hj-mechtronic-sip.html

The purpose of the project is to reduce the operational expenses (OPEX), via improved cylinder condition and reduced CLOC across all vessels, translating to an average Return on Investment of 1.63 year without compromising cylinder condition on injection of fresh lube oil at every engine revolution.

IMO 2020 S CAP

The often-overlooked aspect of the 2020 sulphur cap is cylinder lubrication, in regards to choosing scrubbers or LSFO. When choosing one or the other, it is necessary to remember that HSFO will increase in sulphur content and that LSFO has lower natural lubricity.

Both scenarios demand a flexible cylinder lubrication system, able to meet all requirements to efficiently and economically, neutralize the sulphuric acid in HSFO or to maintain a reliable lubricating film for the lower lubricity LSFO.

Sea Traders S.A.

Sea Traders S.A. is founded in 1974 and is specializing in the worldwide carriage and trading of international dry bulk cargoes.

Over the years, Sea Traders S.A. has undoubtedly established itself as one of the world’s leaders in the provision of ship management services. Since 2006 the company entered on an extensive renewal and fleet expansion program and to date operates a modern fleet of Capesize, Kamsarmax, Panamax and Supramax bulk carriers as well as two Containerships.

Hans Jensen Lubricators

Hans Jensen Lubricators has 102 years of experience and is the world's leading international supplier within the field of development, production and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke engines for marine and power plant applications. An experience to continually benefit from for the update and expansion of the range of products. Today, Hans Jensen Lubricators offers a number of different cylinder lubrication systems worldwide.

Hans Jensen Lubricators product line includes both cylinder lubricators and SIP valves, which are designed to ensure utilization of the revolutionary SIP lubrication principle.

ELKCO Marine Group of Companies was founded in 1989 to provide technical services to the shipping industry as well as to represent international marine-related companies in Greece. It is located in Piraeus at the heart of one of shipping industry great centers, works closely with an impressive list of principals serving clients based around the globe as it strives to enhance its reputation as a market leader.

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