Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 104 years


Cylinder lube oil is one of the most expensive costs in connection with vessel operation. Therefore, many ship owners choose to replace their old cylinder lubrication system with our HJ SIP cylinder lubrication system which reduces the cylinder lube oil consumption.
Therefore, we often send our experienced service engineers to all parts of the world to perform installations onboard vessels. Usually we carry out the installations during port call or while the vessel is docking.

Installation during dock

Through many years, our service engineers have supervised installations of HJ SIP cylinder lubrication systems onboard vessels during dry dock.
The following criteria are prerequisites for carrying out the installation of HJ SIP with the greatest success possible:
  • Our service engineer should receive assistance from 3-4 competent crew members.
  • Shipowner ensures that the cylinder heads are demounted and remounted.
  • Electrician onboard the vessel makes sure that alarms and heating elements are connected.
  • The turn gear should be available during the installation.
Our service engineer will supervise the crew members during the entire installation. The service engineer does not leave the vessel until the crew has received an instruction in the use of the HJ SIP cylinder lubrication system. We will send you a service report with the work carried out by our service engineer onboard your vessel.

Installation during port call

If you choose to perform the installation during port call, the same prerequisites as for installation during dry dock are applicable. It is not necessary to retrofit the entire engine at the same time if the length of the port call does not allow it. As a main rule, during the first port call there must be enough time to replace the cylinder lubricators. The installation of the HJ SIP valves in the cylinders will be carried out depending on the length of the port call.
At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S we have designed a special tool to handle the liners of engines, which have already been machined. This means that on most MAN B&W engines we can carry out the installation without demounting the cylinder heads.
This approach is extremely time saving and an important factor when we perform an installation where time is often short. Therefore, we sometimes choose to send two of our service engineers to perform this type of installation. In this way we ensure that the work is completed before the vessel leaves.

Machining of cylinders

It is necessary to machine the liners onboard the vessel so that we can install our HJ cylinder lubrication system. This means that the hole where the present valves are located must be drilled. Furthermore, a groove must be made inside the cylinder.
Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S cooperates with several companies which perform this work with great experience. In most cases, it is not necessary to pull the liners to machine the cylinder and the work is therefore done quickly.

Time consumption in connection with an installation

Several factors may affect the course of a HJ SIP installation.
It is important that our service engineer receives sufficient assistance and that the cylinder heads are demounted shortly after our arrival. Are prerequisites met, an HJ SIP installation can be performed quickly and easily.