Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 104 years


At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S we offer renovation of our cylinder lubricators. Basically, our lubricators have durability as long as that of the diesel engine, but our cylinder lubricators require careful and frequent maintenance to ensure that they operate optimally.
If the cylinder lubricator is not renovated or adjusted, the consequences are often an increased wear of the cylinder and a high cylinder lube oil consumption.

Visit by service engineers

At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S we have several experienced service engineers who travel around the world carrying out renovation and adjustments onboard the vessels on which our cylinder lubricators are installed.
Our service engineer brings the necessary spare parts which are replaced during our visit. We are flexible and our service engineers may board your vessel wherever you may wish to carry out the renovation. You can request our service engineers with a relatively short notice.
Our service engineer gives you a thorough instruction in the use and maintenance of the cylinder lubricators. Subsequently, we send you a report with the observations made and work carried out by our service engineer during the visit onboard your vessel.  This ensures you a proper use and maintenance of your cylinder lubricators in the future.
A visit by our service engineers usually shows a large savings potential. Therefore, the visit often has a very short pay-back time.

In-house renovation

At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S we also renovate cylinder lubricators at the factory in Denmark.
You can choose to dismount the cylinder lubricator onboard the vessel and send it to our factory. In the meantime you can use the spare lubricator onboard the vessel. You can also purchase a new set of cylinder lubricators and send the old one to our factory for renovation.
We ensure that our experienced service engineers renovate the cylinder lubricator in a short time and in a high quality.  The advantage of having the renovation made in our factory in Denmark is that we have access to our entire stock of spare parts. We will also produce the spare parts if we do not have them in stock.
Subsequently, these parts will be installed. Thus, it is difficult to distinguish between a renovated or a new cylinder lubricator from Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S.