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Product Training at Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S

In recent years there has been an increasing focus on reducing costs, also including cylinder lube oil consumption.
This can be achieved in many ways.
You can upgrade cylinder lubricators and injection valves, or you can use scrape down analyses, visual port inspections etc.
However, it is clear that no matter which lubrication solution you are in possession of, it is a fundamental condition that the users of the systems are well educated, in order to use the full potential of the equipment.
This will provide the best yield of an upgrade/retrofit of modern cylinder lubricators, seeing that the users are made capable in utilizing the full potential of the systems.
At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S we offer our customers, and the users of our solutions, the chance of participating in training sessions at our facilities in Denmark.
We know for a fact that many of our customers have requested this service, which is why we have high hopes for the realization of the project.
The purpose of such a seminar is to get a better insight into the use of our products, and thus also learn to utilize the full potential of the products and make the most of the investment.Therefore, a typical seminar, which will to some extent be tailor-made to each individual customer, will include:
  • Product training
  • Correct operation
  • Use of correct feed rates
  • General assessment of cylinder condition
  • Check and maintenance of equipment
These are obviously just a selection of the full program, but the main incentive to sign up for product training at Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is the possibility of making the most of the cylinder lubrication equipment we manufacture,
and thus make sure that you obtain the full economical savings potential and optimized cylinder conditions.
Naturally, it is also possible to arrange that one or more representatives from Hans Jensen Lubricators conduct such a seminar locally.
Call us at +45 98571911 to hear more,
or email
Jacob Winther Larsen at hjl@hjlubri.dk