Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 104 years


Service visits

It may be a good idea to order a visit by one of our experienced service engineers to reduce your consumption of cylinder lube oil and prevent wear down on the cylinders.
Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S offers worldwide service on our own cylinder lubricators. Our service engineers are experts in carrying out problem solving, adjustment and optimisation of the setting of HJ cylinder lubricators.


Our experience shows that it is often incorrect settings, defective parts, or lack of knowledge on the use of our cylinder lubricators which cause an increased cylinder lube oil consumption or an increased wear on the cylinders. A visit by our service engineers usually shows a high savings potential. Therefore, the visit often has a very short pay-back time.

Service report

After completion of the visit, we will send you a service report with the adjustments carried out by our service engineer onboard. This report will make the crew aware of a proper adjustment and use of HJ cylinder lubricators in the future. In addition, we provide the crew onboard with an exhaustive instruction in the use of HJ cylinder lubricators.