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  • Press release: MecPartner to become an official agent of HJL’s advanced cylinder lubrication solutions

    Hans Jensen Lubricators of Denmark and MecPartner of Turkey have agreed to cooperate in an agreement that makes MecPartner an official agent of HJL’s advanced cylinder lubrication solutions.

    The strategic partnership was entered by Hans Jensen Lubricators’ Head of sales, Mr. Stefan Sletting Nielsen and MecPartner co-founder, Mustafa Karataş.

  • Visit us at Marintec China the 5-8. December in Shanghai

    Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S will be attending Marintec yet another year. Meet us in Hall N1, stand D61-7.

    Visit our stand to learn more about the revolutionary HJ SIP valve showcased with our exhibition model and possible opportunities with our advanced lubrication systems for 2-stroke marine diesel engines.   

  • Press release: COSCO orders 10 new vessels with cylinder lubrication system from Hans Jensen Lubricators

    One of the world’s biggest shipping companies, China COSCO Shipping Group, has placed an order for 10 large ore carriers from China State Shipbuilding Corporation. COSCO specified the order to include the cylinder lubrication system ‘HJ Lubtronic SIP’ from Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, as it enables large cost savings through reduced cylinder oil consumption, and reduced wear on cylinder liners and piston rings. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in January 2018.

  • Hans Jensen Lubricators has been part of ExxonMobil’s development project for the next generation of marine lubricants

    ExxonMobil has been working on a one-tenth-scale (1:10), fully functional model of a two-stroke marine diesel engine to support the development of their next-generation lubricants.

    ExxonMobil experienced many challenges regarding the production of such an engine – and one of them was a lubrication system capable of delivering one-tenth of the normal oil amount as well as increased injection frequency. Hans Jensen Lubricators was contacted to overcome this challenge.

    To read more on their project click here, or view the video below. 

  • Press release: 2 x 25.000 Danish kroner awarded to two students from Northern Jutland

    The newly established Hans Jensen Lubricators 100 year scholarship was awarded at the 100 year reception event to two students from Hadsund and Aalborg in Denmark.

    – Anne Sophie Meyer Larsen and Maria Støttrup Schiønning Larsen, each received 25.000 danish kroner to finance their studies abroad.  

  • Road named after son of founder - Kjeld H. Jensens Vej

    Following our 100th anniversary a road in the city of our main facilities has been named after the son of the founder, Kjeld Hans Jensen.

    Hans Jensen Lubricators thanks the muncipality of Mariagerfjord for the fine gift. 

  • Articel: Concequences of oil film degradation - The Motorship

    Short part of the article, written by Rathesan Ravendran og Peter Jensen

    "Oil stress measurements are as important as oil thickness measurements in order to prevent significant liner wear or damage of sliding surfaces. However, oil stress may be difficult to measure as several locations must be measured to understand the physical and chemical properties of the lubrication oil film.

  • Customer satisfaction survey

    Result of customer satisfaction survey 2016

    In Q4 2016 a customer satisfaction survey was conducted in order to measure the current state of satisfaction at Hans Jensen Lubricators (HJL). The survey was send by email to all HJL customers - and the feedback are received from clients world-wide. .


    Amongst the questions were “What is your overall impression of Hans Jensen Lubricators’ product quality?”


  • Video: Introduction to HJ technology and exhibition model

    Please follow link to get an video-introduction to our exhibition and seminar model. 


    Or view it directly on Youtube


  • Article: Reduce CLOC with Hans Jensen Lubricators - Søfart Maritime Magazine

    Danish maritime magazine Søfart has published a large article on how Hans Jensen Lubricators has developed new cylinder lubrication technology for the new generation of super - and ultra-long stroke engines. The article describes how HJ SIP technology distributes and utilizes the cylinder oil, which makes a high potential of improving cylinder and piston condition and reduce cylinder oil consumption. The article is in Danish but we will like to elaborate the information in English – please contact us