Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 100 years

Industrial Technician Apprentice

Name: Alexander Nysom Flohr

Title: Industrial Technician Apprentice
I started my apprenticeship with Hans Jens Lubricators A/S in 2007. My goal was to get an apprenticeship with a large, quality-conscious and development-oriented company to obtain the best education.
My father has a small company. I wanted to be employed with a larger company due to the fact that a larger company has a larger variety of tasks. When I clicked on the website and learned that Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has an office in China, I was somewhat impressed. I believed that this was something different than a small company in Als.
This provides an international touch to Hadsund.
It is a good apprenticeship. It is all very realistic. I learn about efficiency and quality. Even though we are busy, I can and will not compromise on the quality of the work. If I do, it may be my fault that the colleagues who must continue the work on what I made, will get into trouble.
This is stupid. I learn the efficiency by producing some large series. This also provides experience.
In school, no one was waiting for my machine, so I could easily watch a unit for 20 minutes. Here I learn how to check, adjust, correct errors and sort. I learn how to concentrate on what I am doing. It all helps me to become a good industrial technician, which is my goal.
Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is a good work place with a good social cohesion among the colleagues and a lot of diversified tasks.
The colleagues are nice and the atmosphere is pleasant. This does not mean that we are relaxing – on the contrary.
We are working and what we do must be of a good quality. The persons who teach me are good at elaborating when they tell. Furthermore, I have a good opportunity to get an answer to my questions.